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Who we are

Who we are?

Krumble is a registered Trademark of Gal Baking Services Limited with years of experience in providing quality cakes using only fresh ingredients. We provide freshly baked products ranging from cakes, cookies, pastries and bread. We bake cakes for birthdays, weddings, corporate functions, anniversaries, engagements and basically all events that deserve cake. Fresh to order and customized to your specifications, style and diverse flavours is what we pride ourselves on.
From traditional weddings, simple parties or any grand and sophisticated events, Krumble designs cake with the aim of delighting and inspiring everyone at the occasion. Need some help with your design? We give you the choice to choose from our album or better yet, bring us a picture and we will especially customize it to your needs with exceptional detail and quality to fully satisfy you.
And we love it!

Krumble Overview

Krumble Fresh Overview

Our Mission
Connecting people through efficient delivery of quality and innovative products.
Our Vision
To be a World Class Confectionery Master.
Our Core Values

  • Care
  • Creativity
  • Consistence