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Popular Questions

Popular Questions

Account Questions

How far in advance can one order and what’s the shortest timeline?
This depends on your location. Those in the CBD can pick their cakes one hour after ordering. Those from other locations can collect after 6 to 24 hours depending on the location, quantity and complexity of the design.
What’s the payment policy?
After ordering a cake, we require you to pay a deposit of not less than half the cost of the cake you ordered. The balance can be cleared before you pick your cake.
What’s the cancellation policy?
Cancel the order, 6 hours before you pick up your cake so that we can refund your deposit in full. Cancelling at the last minute will mean surrendering of your deposit. This is because Krumble will have to look for a new customer with the same cake interest as you and it’s not easy to find one.

General Questions

What different sizes of cakes do you offer?
We offer different sizes; big, small or medium depending on your preference. Whatever size you order, will be delivered to you.
Do you give discounts for cakes ordered in bulk?
Yes, we offer discounts for cakes ordered in bulk.
How can I order a cake?
You can order through 4 different methods
  • Visit any of our Krumble shops and make an order (check out our different shops on the website)
  • Visit any Tuskys and place your order
  • Use the numbers provided to call us and make your order
  • Use our online store.
What if I have a cake design or flavor not available on your gallery, will you custom make it for me?
We like to make sure our customers get full satisfaction. If you have a different design or flavor you would like made, we will custom make it for you.
Do you deliver cakes?
We offer delivery of cakes within the CBD in Nairobi and its environs. You just have to specify the location and we will deliver your cake on time.
Do you offer wedding tasting?
We would like you to get only the best cake on your wedding day and therefore we let you choose what cake flavor you want. We agree on a tasting venue with you and you get to choose what cake your guests get to eat.
What is the cost of your cakes?
We do not have a one fits all price for the cakes due to the many designs and sizes available. Order your cake and we can inform you on the prices available for your type of order.
How long do the cakes last?
This depends on the type of cake you choose. Some of our cakes last for 3 days only while others can go for up to eight days. Forest cakes, for example, can only last for more than three days if refrigerated properly. Other cakes like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lemon, and rainbow can last for up to 8 days. Carrot cake and banana cake can last for a maximum of 4 days while the rich fruit cake, can last for 6 months to one year depending on the preservation method.


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