Welcome To Krumble

You know what’s makes great days? CAKE!!!  Whether soft and moist or crust and sweet, cake makes the world a happier place, don’t you think?

 What’s fun and delightful about it: well, being the epitome of happiness, love, celebration and success…all positive vibes.

 Sometimes a little healthy sugar rush is all we need to rouse our spirits. Krumble fresh was founded out of the love for good sweets and expanded to share the joy with everyone.

Available in an array of yummy flavours, our organically made cakes are baked with the best ingredients to ensure quality and the best value for your money.

To make the Krumble Fresh experience even better, we have upgraded our website with easier navigation for you to order cake anytime and anywhere with our cake builder and have it delivered!

We believe in rewards, so as you purchase your yummy treat you earn redeemable points, so shop to your fill.

Don’t forget to look out for our fabulous offers and more interesting reads here.

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