Why You Should Eat Cake

Why you should eat a piece of cake…..Or maybe just the whole thing 😀

Cake has been the staple dessert and snack since the beginning of time. Wonder why?

You make friends

Everyone loves cake and it’s been scientifically proven that sharing cake with someone else symbolizes togetherness and can build friendship. It’s the perfect way to mellow strangers. Try it…get a slice and share it. You will be making someone’s day and definitely a new friend.

It’s delicious!

Seriously, what’s better than cake? Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert…you name it. And all the different flavours…Yumm!

It makes you happy

Having a bad day? Think about a rich slice of chocolate fudge cake or moist and delicate white forest slice. See…who’s happy now. Imagine all the fun and positive feelings you will get when it’s in your mouth.

It makes you cooler…remember a party is not a party without cake!

If you’re looking to impress someone then let us suggest our yummilicious and very respectable red velvet cake. This never fails in creating a good impression.

The best thing about cake is that we make it! Assuring you of quality, quantity and freshness and definitely happiness.


Graduation Cakes in Kenya - Krumblefresh

Graduation Cakes in Kenya - Krumblefresh

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